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About Dacia

Q. How is Dacia pronounced?
Dacia is pronounced "Datch-a"
Q. Where does Dacia come from?
Dacia was founded in Romania in 1966. The Renault Group bought the Romanian car manufacturer Dacia in September 1999. Through shared technology and production methods, Renault has helped Dacia become a global icon in its own right, selling just under 350,000 vehicles worldwide in 2011 and over 1.8 million since 2004.
Q. Where are Dacia cars built?
Dacia holds production facilities across the globe, including Romania and Morocco. UK versions of Dacia Duster will be built at a Renault-Nissan Alliance factory in Chennai, India.
Q. Are Dacia cars reliable?
Dacia cars use only useful and proven technology from the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Maybe that's why Dacia finished in second place, just behind Audi, in the 2010 J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Survey, in Germany. In 2011, Dacia was also voted "Europe's Most Reliable Car Brand" in a survey of 29,000 car owners across 5 European countries.*
*"Que choisir" Car Reliability Survey, 2011. The Survey included 32 car brands, with responses from 29,026 owners across France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belguim. Dacia score 95/100.

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